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Protect Your Home from Wildfires with 24/7 Fire Sprinkler Defense

Protect your home from wildfires with AJD Builders’ top fire sprinkler system. Our system is smart, letting you control it from anywhere, and is built with the best materials for long-lasting defense. Rated 5 stars by users, it’s a reliable choice for safety. Get a free estimate now and keep your home safe.

24/7 Monitoring: Non-stop vigilance, even when you're away or asleep.

Immediate Response - Remotely activate sprinklers from anywhere using smart technology from Lutron, ensuring quick wildfire defense.

Enhances Property Value: Seen as a valuable addition by potential buyers.

Cost-Effective: Potentially lowers home insurance premiums.

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Adam was very patient with our numerous design changes, took the time to explain the costs involved and understood the importance of finishing strong. - Nicole B. Greenbrae, CA


When we met Adam from AJD Builders we felt an immediate sense that he genuinely cared about not only accomplishing a successful remodel but also that it be a pleasant and respectful experience….and it was.

The most important thing he did was to give us a lot of guidance up front before we began so that our expectations matched the reality. - Marc T. Mill Valley, CA

Activate Your Fire Shield Remotely

A new partnership with smart tech firm Lutron brings a significant upgrade to fire safety measures - a remote-activated sprinkler system. This integration allows homeowners to activate their fire sprinklers from afar upon receiving alerts about potential fire hazards. Using the Lutron app, individuals can manage their fire safety systems without needing to be on-site, ensuring efficient response times and enhanced protection. This breakthrough promises to revolutionize fire safety in modern homes.

What's the Guarantee for the Fire Sprinkler System?

AJD Builders offers a guarantee of dependable and long-lasting fire sprinkler systems to protect your home from wildfires. The systems are built with high-quality materials, including commercial-grade sprinkler heads, ensuring superior performance. The installation team at AJD Builders includes solar experts, such as former Tesla workers, who bring their expertise to the development of these systems.

The owner of AJD Builders is personally involved in installations, demonstrating commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. To further enhance the system, smart technology from Lutron is utilized, allowing for improvements and easy management of the system by homeowners.

Regular maintenance checks are conducted every six months to ensure the systems are functioning correctly, and homeowners are also taught how to use the systems effectively. This proactive approach ensures that the fire sprinkler systems offer 24/7 on-site security against the threat of wildfires.

Your Questions Answered: Understanding the Fire Sprinkler System

We know protecting your most valuable investment against increasingly devastating wildfires is a top priority. Our innovative rooftop sprinkler systems provide an advanced layer of preventative protection customized specifically for rural homes. We recognize you likely have many questions about how our systems work, their capabilities, installation process, maintenance needs, and more.

The following FAQ provides answers to our most frequently asked questions so you can make an informed decision about securing your home against the threat of wildfires. Please read through these common questions and answers to learn if our solution is the right fit for your property. Of course, if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

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Adam is awesome! He is professional, respectful, polite, showed up on time, diligent and went way beyond what I expected of him. They result is fabulous. He answered the incessant amount of questions I had, and he assisted me on some small issues that came up from projects that I was doing myself (like stripped screws on old hinges I was replacing).
- Susan W.

Meet the Experts Behind The Fire Sprinkler System


Adam J Diaz


Dan Wahler

Superintendent and Partner

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_AJD Builders lead magnet Fire Sprinkler System

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